Northern Phoenix

Our food Page

 We love to cook.  So we decided to have a page just for all the pictures of fun food we are making along the way.  Recipes are available for all!!!  Just email.



Mini pies, bumble berry flavour 

Cinimon rolls with apple  bits put to them.  We let rise over night in the fridge.

Fresh rolls.

Crusty buns!!  great with hamburgers 

Hot pockets.

These are a quick bread that can be filled with anything.  you can make a sweet version to make dessert pockets.  This one has left over jambalaya.  They are a great way to use up left overs to take on adventures. 

Smoothies with home made yogurt 

home made yogurt.

slightly sweetened vanilla.

Friday night pizza 

From scratch chocolate cake and frosting.  Never from a box!