Sailing Vessel

This was the story of a family of 4 cruising for a year on a Whitby 42.   Check out the blog 

We took three years to completely rebuild this boat.  We striped the boat down to nothing and rebuilt it.  Every wire, hose, all the rigging, painted everything, took everything out and refurbished or replaced.  The boat is a "Modern" Whitby 42.  That is how the name came about, it has been reborn.

This is our story.

This website is the story of the Sailing Vessel Northern Phoenix

and her cruise to the Bahamas and Back

A Whitby 42, Hull 120

This website covers the reconstruction of the boat.

Our logo

Drawn By Sahara

Look for the flag !!!

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After a few false starts, the boat is now Floating:

First time in 6 years:

August 29th 4:00 pm.  She floated.

Port Kinsale Virginia, USA

Our journey begins!!!

We have left the dock and are anchored out.

September 16, 2013

A month later than planned, but we are now off.

We will update blogs now and 

the map to show where we are.