Northern Phoenix

  Here are a collection of pictures of the boat.  Inside and out.  Take a tour of our home.

Pictures of the boat layout for perspective


 Deck of the boat    Waiting for good weather for pictures.

Cockpit   Waiting for good weather for pictures 

Here is the main cabin.

Here is the aft cabin, where the kids are sleeping. 

Engine room.

The white box is the generator.  Yellow thing is the shop vac. One door to the engine room has the fuel system.  great easy access.   The Water filters are also accessible from sitting in the hall way.  So all the basic maintenance is done without even getting into the engine room.

Here is the V birth.  Hard to take a picture of it with out a good wide angle lens.  There is a rack above thee forward end of the bed that hold some thin screens for the hatches.  The double doors at the end is access into the anchor locker.