One day we went to Wrightsville beach to go in the water, but we also went there because Debbie’s family was going to pick us up to take us to their house. The waves at the beach varied between the 10 foot tall waves and small 1 foot waves. Some waves I had to run away from to get to the beach. There was a dredging process under way when we were at the beach and there was a huge pipe going from the boat to where the sand piled up on the beach a mile away. Every one of us went swimming except Sahara who stayed reading.
After the beach we rinsed off the salt water and got ready to go to the house. If you didn’t know Debbie is my grandma’s friend and they knew each other for a long time. Well anyway when we got to the parking lot they were waiting for us and there was a little boy about 7 years old in the car with his grandma. Once we got in the bell that goes on when the door is left open didn’t go off and it was really annoying. Once we got there though, me and the boy (whose name is tucker) played soccer for a bit and then we started looking up weird videos. After that, we went outside and played on some bikes for a bit, and then we played a bit of miniature baseball, we did that pretty much for the rest of the day too. It was a fun day.