We got to Wrightsville two days ago. On our first day, we didn’t do much as we got in later in the afternoon. Well, we did go to the Bluewater restaurant, which serves fresh seafood, and was really good!!  The next day we met with a friend, who was really awesome and brought cookies!!!!!!! This was a working day, when we just fixed up or put on some stuff, like lights and engine oil. For diner, we had fresh caught shrimp, which you can catch all around here, and yellow fin tuna. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a red-fleshed fish, meaning it’s meatier than the flaky white flesh fish-almost steak like- and can get up to 400 pounds! Which is still small compared to Bluefin tuna, which can get up to 1500 pounds. Today we went to the beach, and walked all the way down to my grandparents resort, Shell Island. It was a 3 hour trip there and back. Then we went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch, which was also really good! After that, we went and got wetsuits on to go swimming. The beach was right off the Atlantic, so it was very salty and rough.  You had to get past the breakers to get to the water where the waves were still taller than you, but at least you didn’t get pounded. We did see some groups of dolphins, and a one legged bird, and a bird with a broken wing, and a bird that looked like a running potato. And the group of guys with no pants on, just speedo type things. And no shirt either… but they were wearing ties!!! There were many surfers too, and it was funny to see them fall. Surfing is really big around here... They even ride bikes to the beach with their boards strapped on to the back! We decided that we would like to try to surf one day, though mom shouldn’t even attempt, as she would never even make it onto the board, much less surf.