We have spent the last 3 days at the Whitby 42 Rendezvous.  It has been an amazing time, learning a lot about whitby 42's.  The best part is the people.  All the people we met are great people.  Many are going to the Bahamas this winter as well and it is nice to have people to look forward to meeting.  Some also live along the cost and we will be stopping to visit.  so exciting to see what others have done to their boats as well.  
    Although the weather has not been great, rainy with high North east winds, it has not affected the atmosphere of the group.  Instead of sailing to the boat show, with the bad winds and now late getting to a good anchorage we are carpooling with another couple and driving up on friday.  Perhaps start sailing south on Saturday.

We also had an old friend contact us out of the blue and we will most likely be meeting her as well.  So exciting!

Here is the group: