On March Friday the 2nd, Mom left to go to some unknown place (Boston), before she left though, we went to an aerial obstacle climbing place. How you did it was that you first got into this harness and clipped on this safety roller thing to a wire so you don’t fall off the course and break your leg or something. The first thing we did I don’t remember, but we had to ride a fake bird to another platform for about 5 seconds. My favorite ride was one with a slide that you go down on that drops off 30 feet in the air, but you zip-line to the next platform and then you have to move down a wire, but there are wires all along the wire and I just leaned to one side and move my way on down the track and I probably can do it the fastest. The next obstacle was a swing rope that you had to swing with to get to the other platform (I could not do it). The next and final obstacle was a monkey bar but it was slanted down so it was hard, but I got through it.

On the 2nd, after mom was gone we went to our relative Debbie’s (dad’s cousin) house and we had a large reunion with a lot of friends and family, 2 boys (Gus and Hank) came over and I think they were in grade 5 and 4. We played a lot of games with Debbie’s kids Bailey and Morgan (grade 4 and 2) and played in the pool a lot too. One day we all went to a historic park and another we went to a beach. 


 On the second last day Morgan and I made two chocolate pies and nearly everyone liked them. The last day everyone else went to some church thing and they got this cake and sandwiches for dessert and lunch. The cake and sandwiches were really good. We had a good time.