Jan 13th, 2014. We are poised to cross over to the Bahamas tonight.

Things we did to get ready:

1.  1 months worth of food.  2 months worth of chocolate (really only last a week)
2.  Filled up water tanks, 280 gallons.
3.  Filled up fuel tanks (180 gallons)
4.  Tied everything down on the boat.
5.  Fixed everything we knew about and feel the boat is ready.
6.  Have "expert Gerry" on board for the trip.

Weather conditions prediction:
 Winds out of the East to South east, just right 10-12 knots.

Sea Conditions predictions:
Waves 1-2 feet.  Gulf stream is weakening (good!)

Moon:  1 day from full moon.

The Plan:
We are currently anchored out side of No Name Harbor, just east of Miami.
We are pulling up anchor at about 10:00 and heading east.
Pass Bimini in the morning (48 miles east) and continue to Chub Key.  another 70 miles.
Anchor at Chub Key for Tuesday night.  Continue the next morning to Nassau, 40 miles and check into Customs.

We will stay there a few nights in order to get ourselves a cell phone and figure out access to internet.  We will update as soon as possible to let you know about the crossing.