By Sahara
Feb 6

We arrived at Warderick Wells, coming from Hawksbill Cay. Warderwick Wells is known for having some of the best snorkeling in the world; and the best in the Bahamas. So today we are going to check out some of the reefs. Warderick Wells is also the main island in the nature park- another reason for the great reefs- so it has trails all throughout the island. One of them leads up to a large hill, Boo Boo Hill.
The name- which I think sucks, and they should come up with a new one, because it defiantly would be within their power to do so- comes from the lore of the hill, which is that long ago, a ship crashed into the hill, leaving no survivors and no bodies. They say that if you climb the hill at night, you can still hear the ghosts singing hymns or something like that. Anyway, Boo Boo Hill overhangs the shore. Since it is hollow underneath, the water rushes in, forcing air (and water at high tide) up though holes in the rocks. These are called blowholes. However, the holes are small- maybe 6-10 inches in diameter- so you can’t do anything overly stupid with them, such as jumping in them or hanging or trying to fly on the wind it shoots up.

After discovering this remarkable feat of nature, we headed back to the beach, and from there to the boat, and from there snorkeling. However, since we didn’t go on a reef, it wasn’t very exciting, and all we saw was a barracuda and a lobster. 


   Fish & Snorkeling
By Deovn

Yesterday, we decided to go the reef at warderick wells. At first, we got into our dinghy with the new 15 horsepower engine and rode up to the very beginning of the reef, when we were there we put on our flippers and got ready. After we got ready, dad said he will tow the dinghy. We now drifted down the reef with the current. After a while I saw some really big bar jacks and I started chasing them, I actually almost caught one but I fell behind as it turned into the current, so I stopped. At some points, it was so shallow that you had to stay still or else I would have gotten stuck in the coral. At some point later Sahara claimed that she saw a 3 feet long barracuda and even in the current it was barely moving, she also saw a large Atlantic spiny lobster and it was also cool, hiding in the little crevice in a rock, I was thinking “if I had a nice furry mop, I could get it out, but no! I just have to not have a mop in hand!