December 8th
By Sahara

Yesterday (I think all my posts begin this way... must think of an alternative beginning soon) we got up, had some breakfast, and tried to attempt to do a pump out at the dock. However, by the time we managed to get to the station- boats kept coming in- it was like 10:00. And like 43 degrees C. And then the guy who was helping us and had worked at the marina for 10 years didn’t know how to work the machine, so we were sitting there for another hour. 
When we finally got off the dock, I had to run around on the dock to catch the lines which Devon did an amazing-not- job of throwing to me which I then had to use to pull the 15 ton boat into the dock against the wind. I got cookies for my efforts.

So after the chaos that was our morning we decided to go to the beach, because beaches are relaxing. So we jumped around in the waves that were not very big compared to Melbourne beach. Dad ended up getting his bathing suit pockets full of seaweed.
  We went back to the boat and did like nothing for the rest of the afternoon; it was very humid and yucky. Then mom decided to be the best mom ever and cook steak for diner. This was our second awesome diner in a row; we had mahi mahi the night before. 

We left the dock today at some point while I was asleep. When I got up, I had some frozen strawberries for breakfast. No, we are not low on food; I just really wanted something cold. It was very calm out, no wind, and while we were driving long we got some visitors.  A pod of three dolphins decided to keep us company by jumping beside our boat, and we managed to take a video of them performing. However, they left after a little while, leaving us in the clutches of Professor Mom. Or maybe Mme. Mom.