February 16

 Thunder ball grotto, named after the cave that was in James bond thunder ball, is a large cave that is at water level. It was very fun on the trip on the way over because Makai and C-Spirit got into the same small dinghy except for mom and dad.
 At first when I got in I thought it was just going to be a slit in the sandy rock, but it was huge. You have to go in this narrow opening that is close to the water at first but then it opens up into a huge chamber. I thought the cave was very cool because I thought it was going to be smaller and different.
 You could only go there if you get there at low tide or else the cave entrances would be too deep at high tide. You could even see when you were inside the cave because there were chimney like holes in the top that could provide you light, so you could see a good portion of the cave. Even though the cave was huge, it was still crowded when we and our friends were over (and their dog topaz). There are also a lot of sergeant majors and squirrel fish in the area swarming and nibbling everyone. You should bring your snorkel gear because the ground is littered with colorful coral and fish.  We also saw two stingrays that were the same type but one was smaller than the other. We all had a very fun time and I hope to go there again.