March 10th
In a two day trip we have gone from Staniel Cay to Wardrick wells, then all the way back up to  Nassau.  Coolest part, we saw 5 Whitby 42’s in one day!!!  A white Brewer, a Blue Brewer (didn’t see names), Duchess, Tribute, and Wind Song.  If we had stayed one more day we could have had an impromptu rendezvous. 

Last night our arrival into Nassau with a great firework display right in the harbour.  Right over our boat!!!  It started around 10:30 with a boom that was felt before it was heard.  Our boat was covered with the debris from the explosions.  It was quite a show.  Devon, who is now officially the worlds heaviest sleeper, didn’t wake up.  Didn’t even believe us until he went and looked at all the bits all over the boat in the morning.  These were so close you could feel them shake the boat!

We went on a short drive to North Cay Island (part of Sandals Resort)on the North East coast of New Providence.  On the way to the island, just a simple hour trip along the coast we had to cut in through some coral.  The ocean was very calm, the winds less than 5 knots, the water like glass.  But there were some old swells coming in from further out that were very far apart and gentle.  That is until the got to the coral reef we wanted to go through!!!  On the charts the part we wanted to cut through looked very big, but as we got closer the size of the waves as they rose up upon hitting shallow water made the cut look very small.  Lots of water around, but one cut through the coral reef.  The waves went from 3 foot swells 8 feet+ (according to Sahara who though we were all doomed).  We had to cut at an angle to get through the cut, with breaking waves coming towards us on the left, and crashing away from us on the right.  A bit tense, but we safely made it through.  
Right off the beach of the Sandles Resortl where we connected with 2 great friends (who of all our friends, drew the short straw and had to come visit), Linda and Andrew, who were taking time off of Shoveling Snow back home to visit the Bahamas.  We dingied into the resort in our oh so classy dingy (haha) and picked them up off the beach.

They are awesome!!  They brought pizza from the resort and drinks.  But better than that, they brought some great gifts from Canada.  M&M’s, Swiss Chalet dipping sauce (if you are not Canadian, you don’t understand the significance of that one), maple syrup, ketchup chips, and something special to pass on to the Morrisons the next time we cross paths with them.  

Can you tell which canadian has been stuck in great snowy winter weather

We did our best to give them a little taste of the cruising life by first having something break down that needed fixing.  Something clogged the generator intake (which we were trying to run to make Pina Colada’s!!.  Not sure if it was some old caulk from the hole itself, or something we picked up, but a quick swim and a quick hose clean out and it was all working again.  Then we went a short distance for a snorkel.  It was sad to say goodbye, it would have been nice if we had more time to spend with them.  We can’t wait to see them again.