Feb 9th

By Devon
The other day at O’Brien’s Cay, we decided to go snorkelling at the sea aquarium. We anchored near the place and looked around, in the water were several barracudas and they were swimming around our boat, odds were that this was their territory. Soon after we examined them we got ready and jumped in the water, the water was cold (78 degrees) and it took a while to get to the reef because of the light current. 


Though when we got there, there were about 150 fish consisting of sergeant majors and yellow tail snappers swarming around us while we swam. We also found out there was a big lobster in a small crevice and I didn’t know how the thing got in there. There was also a school of colorful parrotfish, angel fish, groupers, and the usual unidentified fishies. We had to be careful because there was a very close rock island and it was very pointy. I now know why it was called the Sea Aquarium. The next afternoon we brought over some bread and all the little fish came swarming around us and it looked like a mini piranha movie… scary. I really liked this place because of the amount of fish and the types of fish, I never have seen anything like all the fish swarming at you before at the Bahamas so I liked it a lot.