December 17th and 18th

While we were traveling south, we decided to stop at a marina- no duh- and visit our friends the Morrison’s. I think it was Gilberts Marina? Not sure, I don’t remember. Anyway, we had to visit them soon, as they were going back to Canada and cold places for Christmas. Haha!! 
The first night we were there, we hung out in the pool a bit, throwing the toy shark around and making Devon mad by not passing it to him. After the shark we moved on to the 1$ football, which we completely demolished and tore apart. The pool filters were working hard all night. Then for dinner the parents went out to a restaurant, and left us kids watching movies and eating pizza in their air-conditioned boat.
The next day, we decided to have a Christmas diner. They cooked the turkey and stuffing and potatoes and broccoli- urgh- and we cooked rolls and cookies. IT was all really good. Although mom was a bit loopey from the mudslides in the afternoon, so we tried not to let her embarrass herself too much. 
After diner the kids all shared stories of horrific accidents they have had. Surprising how many ways there are to hurt yourself. Then we had to take a group picture, which is always scary. However, it didn’t turn out to bad actually.