Three days ago we pulled into the lovelyish marina of Swan Point, with the intentions of only staying the night and leaving early in the morning. Dad had noticed that there was another boat at the marina with kids our age on it, but being the shy, self-conscious kids that we are, Devon and I elected to stay in the sheltered confinements of the boat, taking advantage of the wifi signal and whatnot.  Making no contact with other human beings.

However, our plan was to be foiled, as the Dad’s had conspired against us. Early in the afternoon the other kids had been sent over to meet us, and our parents sent us out to go and attempt socialize. I will admit that the latter progressed very slowly, and it took a while for me to warm up to the girl my age, Rebecca. Devon and Aaron, however, who were also the same age, took practically no time at all. Admittedly, the box of Legos that Aaron had on his boat helped matters along. 

Rebecca was pretty cool, however. We didn’t have much in common, besides us both liking bones and had a fear of socializing. We eventually got to talking more freely, though.  Devon and I stayed for diner and a movie that night. We hung out with them the next day as well, before they had to leave to drive back to their home in Maryland.  They had been on a 2 week trip down the coast, but had to pull into the marina as they had engine problems. 
I also got attacked by the marina’s cat one of the days we were there, and the bite was quite impressive. Four puncture wounds on the palm of my hand- the location of them make it annoying to perform everyday tasks, but they just look so cool that I really don’t mind. So far we can say that the cat did not pass on any deadly diseases or such.

Anyway, from there we spent another day traveling forever north, and made it to Beaufort early afternoon. We anchored in an interesting location; it was like a long channel, with around 50 boats or so and a 4 knot current. Just off to the side of this channel was a large island, which was home to wild horses. Us, being the intrepid explorers that we are, decided to row over and try to find them. Which we did, with large success. They weren’t very colorful nor were they as large as the horses you see in the farms and in human care, but they were very cool nonetheless. This time we brought our super camera, and managed to get lots of pictures of the wildlife of the island. 

Now we are on the move again, with the destination of Belhaven in mind. (I also burned by pancakes this morning, which has no relevance to anything I’m writing about, but it’s made me very upset. The stove was on its lowest heat setting too…)

We have about 200 nautical miles until we reach the beginning- or the end, however you want to look at it- of the ICW, and from there it is a simple 2 day trip to make it back to Reedville, VA. Our trip is almost over.