WARNING: This is one of those blog posts with a lot of pictures...

After leaving Emerald Bay, we headed up to Lee Stocking Island, an uneventful, 3 hour voyage. However we did see a huge turtle, and we did get a bite on one of our fishing lines- which didn't go too well, as we quickly lost whatever it was- so that was exciting.

While there, we met up with the Morrison’s again (because we are heading north, and they are still going south, sadly). The first day we tried to find a suitable reef to go snorkeling, spearfishing, or lobstering. We didn't do so well on the latter. We did find a grouper, however it swam into a hole and was never seen again. (However, Dad will tell you a story involving a huge ray, a grouper, which he didn't manage to spear). Getting desperate, we headed out through the cut, where the swells were taller than the dinghy, and you could get some impressive air. Alas, still no luck, so we went over to the beach and kept the iguanas company.
The next day we tried a land excursion, in the hopes that we would find something interesting. The island used to house a marine research center, but now its abandoned and the buildings aren't doing so well.  We, of course, had to go through said buildings and see if they had anything of interest in them. While interesting to go through, almost everything in them was gone, so it wasn't a very fruitful adventure. 

We continued down some path to the airport, complete with a hanger, a Home Depot- according to the sign on the side of the shed-like structure- and a long, beaten up runway. IF you tried to land a plane there now, most likely the plane would crash.
 We walked over to the beach, which was quite impressive as beaches in the Bahamas go. Of course, we thought this would be a great place for the dreaded, but apparently necessary, family photos.  Maybe it’s so you know this isn't an imposter writing these posts, and the real Haas family isn't on an island somewhere… Which it’s not, so don’t worry.

After that, we tried to walk up a trail, but the end destination was very far away,, so we gave up and headed back to the boats. WE then tried a more successful trip of spearfishing, where Devon caught a Bigeye, a Grunt (honestly, who is naming these poor fish?? I would not appreciate being called Grunt, or Bigeye, or any other of these disrespectful names) and mom caught a Triggerfish, whose skin is almost impossible to saw through. Talking from experience. 

However, the Morrison’s caught a lobster, which they then gave it to us. Still not completely sure of the reasons behind this, besides being like the nicest family in existence, but we greatly accepted. Needless to say, however I’m saying it anyway just in case you didn't get it, we had a pretty awesome fish diner.  That night we said goodbye to them, for what might be the last time on the trip- as they have to be back in Canada in May- and it was very tearful, involving lots of crying, hugging, and chocolate chips. Actually, maybe only the last bit. But it sounds better with the other junk, you know? Because that’s usually what normal family’s do when saying goodbye, it think. 
Warning. The pictures below have no relevance to the text above in any way, i just had to stick in pictures.

We are currently back between the Majors. For those who don’t know, that’s back up in Staniel Cay. There was, and still is, a large front coming through, with strong west winds. There isn’t much protection from the west in the Bahamas, as you can’t just go over to the east side of the island as its in the 100 foot range, and I don’t think anyone’s anchor chain is that long. While here we went snorkeling, where the water was very clear, and the waves slightly larger than normal (but what is normal?) We also got a great lunch at the Yacht Club, involving huge sandwiches, and amazing drinks. 

We are leaving today however, to start heading up toward Nassau, where we are meeting up with friends for a couple days.