We have been in Reedville for almost 2 weeks, are very anxious to get going.  We have seen some family and friends and relaxed, but really need to get going.  The leaves are starting to change, it is getting cold at night, and Halloween is around the corner.  Tara went to Toronto and accepted her award, then flew to Boston to attend her conference.  Lots of good work and got caught up with people.

Here are some things we have done:

History lesson : Jamestown.

We drove to Jamestown, the oldest settlement in North america (ok....successful settlement).  1607 was when they landed.  About 137 people on three tiny boats.  One had only about 12 people on it and was left behind to be used for fishing and scouting.  The 2 larger boats returned.

Took my dad for a sail
The kids and I took my Dad for a sail along with one of his friends.  A nice calm day with low winds, but enough to get the boat moving at 6 knots.  We passed an old schooner on the way out for the sail.  Sahara and the Devon did 90% of the work getting the sails up and down.  They are really "learning the ropes".

Bonfires and Moonrises
We had a couple of bonfires at the Perfect House in an outdoor fire pit.   It was very relaxing with the fires that Devon set up.  The weather was perfect for bonfires.  We had some amazing moonrises out over the water.  One was a deep red colour, the picture does not do it justice

Boat fixes
We have done a bunch of little things to the boat to get it ready to head south.  Put in some new lights, replaced all the cabin lights with LED lights....much brighter and only a fraction of the electrical use.  Changed some of the fuel system around, redid the gasket around the freezer, added some hooks, non skid tape, all so important cup holders, and reorganized some spaces.

Uncle Peter
We had a short time to visit with Uncle Peter, who was in the area for a wedding.  It was good to see him again.

Crazy Crab
We ate at the Crazy Crab with the Schindler's.  We have been using their dock for the time we have been here, and they have been so nice.  Even gave us a big bag of home grown jalapeno peppers, that we made into poppers to watch during the redskin game.....but that didn't help them.  Denise grew up in fairfax a few doors away from my as a kid.  Her family and mine have known each other for a long time.