Feb. 17


So, we’ve finally got around to visiting the pigs. And now that I’ve seen them, I have no idea why they were trying to save the pig in Charlotte’s Web. They were big, hairy, smelly (I don’t know this for sure, but judging by their appearances that is what I conclude) and made very loud grunting noises that I have no idea how anyone gets “oink” out of. However, giving credit where credit is due, I must admit it was slightly entertaining to throw carrots at them.

So, to give a play by play telling of the pig journey. We kayaked over to the beach. Luckily, the big pigs were somewhere terrorizing other tourists farther down the beach. We were set upon by hordes of piglets. We threw carrots at said piglets in the hopes to appease them. Apparently not, as they proceeded to climb and chew on the kayaks. Mom tried to stop piglet from biting her foot. Piglet then went and sat in her kayak. By this time, big pigs had noticed commotion and came swimming/waddling over. Pigs are very very big and very very heavy. Also, have big teeth. Threw carrots at big pigs. Ran out of carrots. Pigs got bored and walked off into trees. Tried to follow pigs to no avail. Kayaked back to boat. There, I hoped you enjoyed that brief moment of primitive grammar.


When back at the boat, after having some difficulties getting off the kayaks, Mom and Devon went spearfishing. Someone thought it was a great idea to get a big, sling-powered sharpened metal stick. Like wooden sticks weren't bad enough. Anyway, they were practicing on a sand filled plastic bottle. Apparently it went well, but seeing as I did not particularly want to go near Devon in possession of a sharpened weapon, I stayed far away.