Feb 11 and 12

Staniel is an interesting Cay, more like how I expected Bahamian civilization to be like. The community is completely dependent on tourism of course, and even has its own airport- if it can be called that. The stores and shops seem barely large enough to support the island. And, like all Bahamian places, they bought out the paint isle when building the houses. You could find pretty much every color house, from blue to yellow to orange to purple.



               Apparently, boxed eggnog is a delicacy in the Bahamas. 


Staniel Cay is also known for its island of tourist friendly pigs. Which, according to some books, is also home to goats and chickens. Sadly, you are not allowed to hunt the animals... However, we did not have time in Staniels besides fill up our water tanks- we had run out- and get some food supplies, before heading farther south. There is a huge front coming, which is reported to have 40 knot winds, lines of thunderstorms, lots of rain, and overall quite uncomfortable. So we headed south to Bell Island, near Cambridge Cay. 

Which brings me to what we did today. We left around lunch and motored over to Cambridge, where he hiked a small ways through the trees to the beach on the other side, where there was a very fantastic wall of rock to climb on. In fact, Dad thought the rocks looked so much like they would in New Zealand that he got us to redo a scene from Lord of the Rings. Needless to say, Devon tripped and fell and generally made a fool of himself, so we will see how the video turned out.

 After running- not actually, since if we attempted to do so, I can think of two people off the top of my head in the family who would immediately fall on their face-around on the rocks and cliffs for an hour, we headed back to the boat and proceeded to get it ready for the coming storm. Oh, and had steak for diner. I feel it is my duty to record whenever we have such feasts.