By Sahara

Let’s see, how to make this day interesting to all you people reading this.  We started the day-I think all my entries start like this- by waking up, slowly making ourselves get out of bed, speeding up dramatically when you hear mom is making muffins, and then eating said muffins.  Which were fantastic, by the way. Chocolate chips, yummy yummy. Argh, I think I just creeped out every sane person reading this. So to carry on, we then all went and took showers. I think I have been away from civilization for too long, as I didn’t know how to turn the stupid shower on. Now we are all clean and shiny. Um, or just clean.       

I am skipping ahead to when we do something.  So after lunch-and schoolwork- mom decided we should all go for a bike ride. So we rented some of the marina bikes, and rode down to the beach, which we then rode on. The sand was hard packed, so we could easily ride bikes on it without sinking too much. However, it’s still harder than biking on a hard, flat, solid surface.  So we biked as far down the beach as we could go while still being dry,(short video here) then biked back to dads all-time favourite shop, Dairy Queen. So we stocked up on ice cream and walked down to the boardwalk, where not much happened other than a bird landing on moms head. None of us saw it happen, but she insisted, so we believed.  Then we biked all the way back the hour ride to the marina. The forests that we biked beside were very cool, with the Spanish moss on the huge oak trees.
 Then, inevitably, Devon fell. Ironically, it was just after Dad warned him not to go off the sidewalk in case he fell. But then again, it had to happen sometime, I’m just surprised he lasted that long.


  And this is completely random, but I would just like everyone to know that elves are real, are 3 feet tall, like apples and oranges, live in forests close to water, and are the caretakers of the unicorns. At least, according to the guy on YouTube. Anyway, we finally got back at around 4:30, which is the time when mom started cooking steak, Devon got on his computer game, Dad talked to this rich guy on a snazzy boat- jealous much-, actually the guy just like to talk.. and talk.. and talk.. so ya. And I started writing this blog post because I know you missed me so much.

I think I’m going to go now, as I can’t think of anything else that is remotely interesting that you would like to read. WAIT, I just remembered something very important. Yesterday we went to see Thor: The Dark World, which I had really wanted to see and was very awesome. I mean, it had a guy with a magic hammer, a creepy guy that was actually a good guy but really a bad guy, and a guy who ran around in his underwear. A classic. And so much better than Sharknado. However, that is all I’m going to say, in case people haven’t seen it yet and don’t want it spoiled. Though I know I don’t have to worry about you, Grandma!  Now dads making soda, so I’m going to leave now. That doesn’t really make sense, I know, but I had to think of something that would be an appropriate ending