October 28th and 29th
We stayed for two nights at the town of St. Michaels.  Claim they fooled the British in the war of 1812.  Very busy place on a saturday.  We ate at the Crusty Crab (Crabby Claw really) and had oysters!  Raw and steamed.  After going to the museum and seeing all the info about oysters, we had to try some.  

Had some great ice cream!!!  Always a high light.

Neat museum, and the town is the birth place, and child hood home of Frederick Douglass.

The anchorage was busy Saturday night.  Glad we got there early.

From the museum light house

Found what looked like the same boat Captain Jack Sparrow sails in the beginning of the of the first movie.
A version was used by Captain James Cooke when he explored the Chesapeake bay in the 1700's.

While in the museum, we found a squirrel that had become trapped in a crab cage!!  It was quite frantic as we got close to it. The second shot is blurry, because everybody is moving as it came flying out the opening and missed Sahara by inches and ran away.