By Sahara

Now before we get to the blog, I would just like to say: Happy Thanksgivukkah!!!! Be very careful how you pronounce this word. Don’t be like me, and try to say it in front of family members. You will not get anything for Christmas. Anyway, it is being called this because for the first time in 100 years Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah overlap.

Now, to get to the blog. This morning was a cleaning day, which means that after eating a breakfast of muffins, mom went and took a shower and did laundry- all 5 bags or so of it. Baa Baa black sheep have you any wool. No sir, just a giant bag of laundry and a broken washer. We did a pumpout. I cleaned the table and kitchen, Devon and Dad the bathrooms, and just about everything else. All the while listening to horrible songs on the radio that someone felt needed to be repeated multiple times.

 After this we (meaning me and Devon and dad-mom was still trying to fix the washer) made an apple pie for the Thanksgiving party we were going to in the afternoon. Just Thanksgiving, no Hanukkah. I made the filling, Devon and dad made the crust. Mom came back and dropped off laundry then went back to do some more.  And we also filled up the water tanks, since we ran out of water. Mom came back and helped dad make a vegetable thing with carrots and peas and other stuff.

(uncooked version of pie. Forgot to take a cooked picture)

Then we hiked the very long distance of up the dock to the party thing site, were we then ate lots of food, mom dropped the ladle into the gravy pot where it disappeared, and dad delighted over the fact that someone brought grits. There was also a guy there who-facial features anyway- looked like Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. We met some very nice people, who had a very nice dog who would clean your plate- at the consent of the owner, of course. This is where my extra turkey went.  Did I mention that there was also like 7 pies???? Americans like pie.

When we went back to the boat, Dad stayed and talked with Aragorn dude and his wife, who are also heading down to the Bahamas with their 4 kids. Dad was happy that they had things in common; the wife had studied kinesiology at some point (moms work), and the dad was a high school teacher (dads work), and the oldest daughter liked dragons (my favourite!).

                So after this dad and Devon went back to look at the sword store and I made a belt to hold my knife, which I made out of  Devon’s  broken belt which I braided back together and hooked of the sheath of the knife and made the clasp of the belt of a bird skull.  What? I was bored. That’s what I do in my spare time. Sometimes. Then I started writing this post, which is 1 ½ pages long, and has taken me like an hour to write. So it better be good.