By Sahara

Yesterday we got up and headed off to explore the town, after looking at the map and memorizing where all the chocolate shops were! The first place we went to was the fort, Fort Castillo De San Marcos. It was ruled by the Spanish when they first came to America, built in the 1500’s, and was used by different groups of people all the way up to the 1900’s.  It was fairly large for that time, and had a lot of cannons. 

After the fort, we headed down the street that had all the tourist traps, where we found a store with a life-size model of the tallest guy ever. I came up to about his waist, and his shoes were 5x bigger than my foot, and my entire hand could fit in his palm. No wonder he had a heart attack and died.   
This guy was just sitting in a street with his dog wearing sunglasses playing a didgeridoo-an Australian instrument.  That is the dog is wearing the sunglasses.

Then we continued our way and found a place to go to lunch- Mojos. It was BBQ, and had a painting of a cow that was like 3x as long as a normal cow. It also had a server that had a very scary and long and swirly and spikey mustache. There was also the server that never smiled and just tried to intimate people with his food platters. During this eating meat lunch thing, we had a very intriguing talk about kidneys. I don’t remember how we got into the conversation, but I do remember that a kidney filters about 1000 liters of blood each day, and creates vitamin D, which is the vitamin that keeps bones healthy. Conclusion, kidneys are very very very important. (Biology class). However, the restaurant had very good sandwiches and humongous onion rings

We passed this one store that sold these strange creatures made out of food. There was the banana dog, the tomato pig, and the green onion cat thing.

Anyway, after this we headed up to a chocolate shop that was supposed to be really good but wasn’t actually. So we headed back to the boat and got some chocolate sauce and fruit. We were lazy for the rest of the afternoon, and when it was finally time for diner Dad just made a soup because we weren’t too hungry after eating the sandwiches that contained an entire cow.  Then mom said we should go walk around the town some more.  Of course.

 So we hauled our lazy butts up to the square and admired the giant Christmas trees and lights in the giant oaks, and the horse carriages, and all the stupid university people that only got into university because they have rich families.

Then we walked back up the street where all the shops were, and discovered a very scary sight. Outside a restaurant or something was a guy all dressed up as a rock person, playing a guitar, wearing makeup and a Christmas hat, along with Christmas lights. Not surprisingly, Dad thought I should go up and stand next to the guy while he takes my picture.  And this guy didn’t even smile!! He was very scary. I tried to stand close enough to him without actually being near him while simultaneously being in the picture.

After this terrifying experience, we went to get some ice-cream. I got caramel, dad got a sundae? Mom got a bowl (thanks dad) and Devon got this thing where the god of rainbows exploded and they used the bits to create ice-cream. It was blue and yellow and red and green and every other color ever.  Now, at this time, it was like 5 degree out. All the locals were wearing heavy jackets and winter gear. Then there was us with our ice-cream. One family even asked us where we were from, because we definitely were not from around here! They calmed down when we said we were from Toronto, Canada.   

 Then finally, we started heading back to the boat. With a short pit stop to take a picture at the Christmas tree. And get past the guitar Santa as fast as possible. And went to bed. Well, that didn’t happen immediately, but you get the point. I hope.