On our way back north we went through St. Augustine.  We did not stop this time.  As we were waiting for the bridge to open, we noticed two famous boats on either side of the river from each other. Old and the New. 

Kiwi Spirit


Kiwi spirit is a 63 foot sailboat piloted by Dr. Stanley Paris age 77. This guy tried to sailed around world all by himself on this boat. (Failed...because the boat broke) For more detail this boat had a 14 feet draft when his keel was down and when his keel was up the draft was 8 feet, which means that the keel was 6 feet deep! The width of the boat at the fattest section was 13 feet.
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 El Galeon


El Galeón is a 170-foot, 495-ton, wooden replica of a galleon that was part of Spain’s West Indies fleet.  During the Viva Florida 500 Voyage, it will cover more than 3,500 nautical miles with 28 crew members aboard, maneuvering more than 9,600 square feet of sail area, as it was done in the 16th Century. The ship is owned by the Nao Victoria Foundation of Seville,Spain.