The other day we all went to a reef and it was a quick ride because dad gave us a tow with our dinghy. We all hung on to a tow line to do it. On the way there, we also saw a whole bunch of coral and sand dollars.
 At first, when we got off the dinghy, Sahara started yelling Lion fish! Lion fish!
At this point we all knew that lion fish were red, white and black with a whole bunch of spines. But lion fish are invasive species and they are bad for the reef because they crowd out the other fish. We didn’t do anything to them because if we got too close we would get poisoned because of the poisonous spines all over its body and that would be bad. So we just swam away to see some other fish. The next fishes that we saw were huge schools of fish which were probably grunts and Barjacks.
 We took some pictures of those and moved on and we saw a very pretty fish which Sahara identified as a triggerfish, and she was right (wow).
 The trigger fish was a blue green fish with lots of cool designs on it including yellow streaks coming out of its eyes and two big fins that they swim with. It was hard to get good pictures of it because it always bolted when we got close to it, it also swam around us and followed us whenever we swam away from it. After a couple minutes of trying to take pictures of it, Sahara and mom swam back to the boat and dad and I motored. I wanted to get towed so dad went full blast on the engine-which was a bad idea.
 I nearly got drowned because the water scooped right over my head and I couldn’t speak, but I managed to yell at him to stop the motor. We finally got back to the boat and it was a very refreshing trip, because it was a hot day and I hope we do it again.