Jan 27, 28, 29

Today we headed down to a larger cay, Shroud Cay. The water was so 
clear heading over, that at 18 feet you could count the blades of grass at the bottom. Of course, the whole of the Bahamas are like this, but we still are getting used to the fact. It's a bit discomforting when it looks like it is only 5 feet, even if the depth sounder is reading higher than 15.
So, anyway, Shroud Cay. It's the largest Cay we've gone to, however most of it is swampy mangroves.


 Today was very hot, sooo we decided to 
try to kayak down a creek type thing and see if we come out on the other side of the island. It was a mile and a half long trip, and it was very hot. I think I already mentioned that. Yes, I see I did. However now I've gone too far and don't want to go back and correct, so I will just continue. We did eventually come out at the sea, where we beached the kayaks and admired the very fast 5 knot current. It was pretty impressive. So we jumped in and tried to see who could float the farthest down. It was quite deep in the channel, and it was up against a rock cliff, so we had to watch out for that. However there was no wind, so there were no waves really.


After that we walked down the beach. It really is amazing how many great beaches there are in the Bahamas, yet nobody goes to, in favor of the more inhabited places. It's also amazing how much trash gets on said beaches. When we were walking down, it seemed like every foot, every step had at least one thing. Of course, it wasn't that bad, but
still much worse than it should be. This conversation eventually turned into people should become cannibals, as it would stop the hunger and the weight problem overnight. I for one support this... After this, we had to go back to the boat, against the current, for we had a sudden urge to have steak for diner. And no matter how strong the current, the need for steak will always overcome.


Day 2
The next day we motored over to another beach on Shroud Cay. Basically it was a beach with a rocky cliff behind it. Wasn't the best beach we've gone to, in terms of excitement. However the rocks were fun to climb.
Sadly, this beach was also littered- ironically- with trash. Including this high class chair that we managed not to break by sitting on it. 



The water was so still, and just the right color blue, that the ocean and the sky almost seemed to merge together. Pretty cool. That's another thing with this too clear, too still water. When looking off the side of the boat, its hard to tell where the water starts...