Nov 20
St. Simons Island Georgia.

We did a short hop today, as we didn't get a great nights sleep.  A very beautiful island, but we have cloudy, rainy, cold weather.  So we went to see Thor.  Never mess with a man with a hammer.  We might try and stop by here again on the way back north.  We are at a marina tonight to help catch up on sleep.  Florida is only 80 miles away!!  We could do it in one day, but will probably do it in 2.  High tide is at 11 tomorrow, perfect for us.  High water all day, no need to worry about shallow water.

Great place for Canadians to spend the winter.!!!
Devon did some Helm Work today.
As Sahara and I made made Pop Tarts.   yum.

And for the first time we made GRITS!!  Gotta love those grits.  Hummm, just what to eat with them?