Today we crossed the Albemarle sound in some rough conditions.  The forcast for "1-2 foot waves" was a little off.  The winds were 15-20 knots, out of the Northwest.  Gusts up to 25. (50 km or 28 miles). We had lots of company on the trip.  The sound and then the Alligator river are VERY SHALLOW.  A body of water that is 15 miles across, but i couldn't find a depth greater than 15 feet on the map.  And the river was only 9 feet deep.  This makes the waves stand up straight!  So we were shaken around a bit, but the boat does great. Kids slept most of the crossing, reading in their beds.  No seasickness in this family.  They got good genes from "Hurricane Bob" Grandpa.

Here is a picture off the back of the boat of the following seas.  Waves never look good in pictures.  Hard to get the perspective.  And kicked up a froth on the water.

Then we entered the narrow North Carolina Cut.  20 miles with only one small turn.  Nice wooded country, few if any houses were scene.

At the end, we found a very nice protected place to anchor.  We were expecting winds that would be even stronger....20-25 knots, but the forecast changed (doesn't it always).  We are sitting  with 0-3 knots of wind.  It is so calm the boat does not feel like it is on the water.  Perfectly still.  Although....we all feel like we are still shaking around.

We are 5 miles from the town of Belhaven NC.  We plan to get there early tomorrow, dock, and explore the town. Take a day off from traveling.  We Covered 130 miles in 2 days, a great distance down the ICW and will rest and have fun tomorrow.