After 3 weeks of cleaning and organizing the boat it is looking great!  My dad traveled with us up to Solomon's Island and from there we traveled through thunderstorms and heavy heavy rain up to Annapolis.  The boat is in its final dockage now.  It will stay in the water for a few months and hopefully sell.  If  not, we can put it up in the yard here.  Bert Jabins is a huge boat yard.

On Saturday the 14th, Tara and Sahara flew back to Ontario.  Sahara is going back to school for a few weeks and Tara is starting back to work.  Devon and I are putting the final touches on the boat and meeting with the sales Broker.  Then traveling back to Reedville to pick up the Trailer and pack up the van with all the stuff.  Taking our time, we will travel back home and visit many interesting places.  Including Hershey Penn.  and eat CHOCOLATE!  We will be stopping at friends and relatives along the way, finishing at home on June 26th for Sahara's grade 8 graduation.  Then we get to sleep in our old bed.

It is tough saying goodby to the boat.  It has been Four years of work.  Three on land fixing it up and one sailing it.   It has been a fantastic home and we will miss it greatly.