I have come to inform you all about the second time we were hit by a motor boat. There does seem to be a trend here.

Anyway, we were anchored out in the middle of nowhere, in a very strong current, perhaps going 4 knots (because of the 10 foot tide...it was a New moon). We had out 125 feet of chain in 13 feet of water at low tide. The motor boat was anchored behind us....until about 11 pm when the current changed directions and were now in front of us. Everyone was in bed- again, the hit happened late at night. And then we felt the smash, as the stern of their boat hit our bow, and continued to bump its way back so it was hitting our side. They had drifted down the current to us.

So we got up- except for Devon, who even after hearing the bangs refused to get out of bed- and put out fenders, and helped them figure out what was going on. They were nice people, just a little freaked out with what was happening. Eventually they motored away and anchored far from us.  No damage was done to the boat- actually, we have yet to find a ding at all. All it did was remind us that boats can crash anywhere, even in a place in the middle of the ICW where there are only three boats anchored.