We got the outboard up and running.  Bought it used from a friend almost a year ago and have never had the chance to run it.  It ran GREAT!.  Honda 4 stroke, 9.9 hp.  It gets up on plane with all four of us in the boat.  As you can see in the pictures, the boat is not made to be pretty.  The edge is covered with fire hose.  The aluminum vs inflatable argument ended with fish hooks and crab claws.  The kids are strong enough that any 2 of us can carry the boat up on land.

We have 3 sit on top kayaks with us.  2 are Pescador are 10 feet and about 45 lbs.  The other is a Hobbie mirage Peddle kayak.  It is about 55lbs and 11 feet long.  But so worth it.  It can go almost twice as fast with the peddle power.  Great leg work outs.  We can launch all the kayaks and dingy in 10 minutes.  The are easy to launch with the spinnaker halyard  off the front of the boat.  Each kayak has a spectra lead line with a clip that is spliced on.  Everything from towing to lifting, the lines have breaking strengths of 19,000lbs.