Jan. 18

Today we realized two things: One, the marina was getting very expensive to stay at and we needed to get out, and two… or maybe just one thing. So we undocked, and drove over to a small nearby island, Rose Island. The water was very clear (and very blue, I might add) and it was a nice day out, so we decided to go snorkeling by the small rock islands and the rock cliff and just around. I don’t think it is grammatically correct to have 4 ands in one sentence, but then again, my English teachers this year have been slightly lacking. 

Anyway, the water was a warm 80 degrees (I lie, it was 75, but this is the Bahamas, so it should be 80) and it was only 9 feet at the deepest points. It wasn’t very coral-y, more like sand and seaweeds, but it was interesting nonetheless. We saw lots of sand dollars, some conchs-no, we didn’t try to eat them- and fish. Lots of fishies. Oh, and sea stars. And some brain coral. Ignore the grammar.

 So... what’s to tell about snorkeling? Saw some fish- I think I mentioned that already. There were yellow fish, green, blue, black, silver, and some strange sparkly black fish with bright blue spots. All the islands are remains from old coral reefs, so there are bits and pieces of those scattered around. Dad did not attempt to put any sea stars (yes, that is the correct name, as sea stars are not fish, and therefore it is incorrect to name them as such-starfish-) on his head and for that we are proud.

 We also saw, far off in the distance like all good stories go, a shadow of a very large, very long fish. We couldn’t see what it was, though judging by the shadow it was at least 3 feet long. When we- whenever im saying “we” I mean dad and I; devon and mom were off exploring some rock- tried to chase it, it swam away like the yellow-bellied fish it could have been if we had been close enough to determine colors.

Skipping ahead to later in the afternoon after everyone had returned. Devon made some tasty bread, I drew an awesome picture (of a dragon, obviously- though its not finished so it only has one wing), and finished off the day with a really cool sunset and great dinner. And a movie that had yet to be decided.  And cookies. And an English lesson.