April 16th

Rapids waterpark was not one of those waterparks with the fountains and the little things that spray water everywhere, no, this was a waterpark with slides that go down 70 feet. It had 30 slides and some of them were really scary at first.


 The one we went to first was a inner tube one that we all went through at once, it was really scary because it was our first slide and it had big and sudden drops. My favourite one was called the pirate plunge, it went down a total of 70 feet and it was completely dark. The path was right, left, right, left, and then plunge 20 feet. It was the biggest slide in the park.
My second favourite was the ‘black thunder’, it was completely black and you could barely see at all. First, you go through a straight path and after 10 seconds you plunge down 20 feet and enter this large, dim-lighted dome, since you picked speed from the plunge, you curve high in the dome and do that until you exit the small passage in the end. 
You then go through big curves(I nearly fell off because the tube got so high we were upside down) and then jump out into a shallow pool of water. Those were my favouite slides I have ever been on.  

Devon on the way out of the Pirate Pluge