Currently at Melbourne.  ICW mile marker 920

It feels good to be on the water again moving north.  Over the last three days we did not cover a lot of miles (125) compared to our normal travels due to Bridges!!!!  In the last 3 days we have had to time our trip to go through 23 bridges.

All while dealing with Holiday traffic, which wasn't that bad due to the cool weather.

15 bridges on Saturday, 7 on Sunday, and just 1 today.

Going north from Pompano the ICW doesn't have any natural shores.  The entire water front for miles and miles is completely built up with walls and rock.  The houses are huge and pretentious and we are sure that most are just winter homes that are not used often.  The requirements to have the "Cool" house on the block is as follows:

1.  Must have large Roman like pillars.  Round is cooler.
2.  A spiral staircase.  Stone is cooler.
3.  Statues.  Must have a few of those.  Naked women or dolphin seem the most popular.
4.  A pool of course.
5.  A gazebo. 
6.  And the really cool people always have the corner house so they have water on two sides and the house is angled.
7. Arches.

And then a few are different:

Two boats you would never want to own:
Waiting for a bridge to open, we missed the first opening, we stopped for fuel and a pump out.  The marina was a bit on the upscale, but the fuel price was good.  We didn't fit in very well to this marina.  Anything less than 4 million and you were second class here:

One of many opening bridges and a strange bird....or is it a duck?

 Mile marker 1,000 house on the ICW