April 7th to April 18th.

We have been stuck in Pompano Beach Florida waiting work done on our stern rail.  The boat market has been doing well and it is hard to find people to are available NOW to get work done.  Most people we contacted gave us a 3 to 4 week time just to come give us a quote!!!  But we eventually found a great company, more in the next post.

So we kept our selves busy a number of ways.  Along  with all the most rain we have had the entire trip.

We rented a car so we could get around.

1.  We visited with Captain Gerry.  The Whitby 42 Guy.  If you own a  Whitby, you most likely know who this is.  It was great to see him again, we went out for lunch and returned some equipment we borrowed from him.  We went to a Lebanese restaurant and it was really good.   We said good by, but we hope to see him again someday.  Thanks for everything.

2.  We said good by to the Morrisons.  The Canadian family we have met up with numerous times and always have a good time with.  They put their boat up for sale here in Florida and are heading home before may.

3.  We went to the beach a lot.  It is only a short walk.  But we have to admit, after being in the amazing beaches in the Bahamas, with perfect sand, clean water, and NO people, this beach was hard to hang out on.  Just spoiled now.

4.  We got some boat stuff done.  Got the outboard tuned up, made a trip to the worlds Largest West Marine Store, in Fort Lauderdale....so Tara could buy some clothes.  (Sorry Gerry)

5.  We saw Captain America 2.  

6.  We bought enough food to last us the rest of the trip, or close to it.

7.  We bought some more movies for the trip.

8.  Devon swam in the pool.

9.  Started up the home schooling again.  Wow the kids enjoyed that.!!

10.  Went to a crazy water Park.  (see Devons post)

11. Emergency dentist appointment for Sahara for some quick work on a molar that was coming in.

12.  Built and installed a filter for the vent tank (for poopy smells coming out).

13.  Cleaned up the boat

14.  Did ALL the laundry, all sheets, towels, etc...

15.  New bathing suits for everybody.

16.  Got a new iphone for Sahara

17.  Lots of Pina-Coladas and Strawberry daquiries.

18. Watched the Matrix Movies and  are terribly upset by the ending......it just.....well....Look up "How it should have ended Matrix" on you tube and you will see a much better ending.

19. Had ice cream for Brunch one day, as we were going shopping and were not going to have room for the ice cream after we got back.

20. Let the 3 or 4 inches of rain we have had in the last week  wash off all the salt.  amazing how much accumulated when in the Bahamas.