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Back home!!!!!

We are back in Cookstown.

The Boat is at Bert Jabin's Boat Yard in Annapolis Maryland.

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          Below:  Anchored behind Allen Cay facing north.  Boat is 3rd from left.

big tides

May 6, 2014
tides here are 8-10 feet depending on the moon phase.


Week In Hitlon Head

May 6, 2014

On March Friday the 2nd, Mom left to go to some unknown place (Boston), before she left though, we went to an aerial obstacle climbing place. How you did it was that you first got into this harness and clipped on this safety roller thing to a wire so you don’t fall off the course and break your leg or something. The first thing we did I don’t remember, but we had to ride a fake bird to another platform for about 5 seconds. My favorite ride was one with a slide that you go down on that drops off 30 feet in the air, but you zip-line to the next platform and then you have to move down a wire, but there are wires all along the wire and I just leaned to one side and move my way on down the track and I probably can do it the fastest. The next obstacle was a swing rope that you had to swing with to get to the other platform (I could not do it). The next and final obstacle was a monkey bar but it was slanted down so it was hard, but I got through it.

On the 2nd, after mom was gone we went to our relative Debbie’s (dad’s cousin) house and we had a large reunion with a lot of friends and family, 2 boys (Gus and Hank) came over and I think they were in grade 5 and 4. We played a lot of games with Debbie’s kids Bailey and Morgan (grade 4 and 2) and played in the pool a lot too. One day we all went to a historic park and another we went to a beach. 


 On the second last day Morgan and I made two chocolate pies and nearly everyone liked them. The last day everyone else went to some church thing and they got this cake and sandwiches for dessert and lunch. The cake and sandwiches were really good. We had a good time. 




Aerial Course

May 6, 2014

Hello again, people who follow our blog. Now, just a note, I am going to refer the day that we did this activity as “today” when, in fact, we actually did it on Thursday last week. Anyway, said activity was an Aerial Course. An aerial rope course, in fact. That is when a bunch a people that labor many months to construct a giant obstacle course 50 feet in the air, in which you try to navigate without tragically falling to your death. This is quite difficult to do, seeing as they have high-tech harnesses that reduce your ability to cast yourself to your doom. Although they have had people faint. But no one has died. If you want to see a park in which you can greatly endanger your life, go to Action Park, New Jersey.  But now I am off track.

So at this park they had a couple different courses, each of different difficulty. There were two greens, two blues, and two blacks. The difficulty grew in each course, in the respective order that I wrote. Also of staggering heights, the hardest courses being the highest up, just to make things fun. (However even though the blue was hardly challenging, there was a group of girls, perhaps around 10, who couldn't even step across the unmoving log. But I’m not criticizing.)


Anyway, on to the courses. I am not going to go through each one, more for my sake than yours- although perhaps its vice versa. I shall just go through the favorites of the day. I think, on vote, the best one was the single black course. On this course you needed at least one adult to accompany you- for reasons unknown, as there is nothing anyone can really do for you up there- and was perhaps 60 feet high. There were tightrops, swinging steps, swinging pogo stick type contraptions, and a zip line. All doable under 10 minutes, if you were me. A bit longer, if you were 40 or over. But that is not relevant.

For those persons who were- or are- concerned for our well being, I shall just emphasize that we were, at all times, strapped into a harness which was attached to a giant metal cable which in turn was hooked into a giant platform. The only way we were able to get on and off the wire was if we reached the platform. All other times we were firmly connected to the wire. Meaning you could be in the middle of the trapeze line and just sit there, dangling 60 feet over hard ground, with no worries besides the people coming behind you. But I can’t think of  much more to write, and seeing as I don’t feel like describing the whole complex in excruciating detail, I am going to end this. You will have to go by the many pictures. 



Marine land and Traveling to Georgia

April 30, 2014

Welcome, to this blog post, which we are posting in the hopes of appeasing our family who believe us to have either given up on this whole trip or died. Perhaps even both. Anyway, i will be commentating- or simply captioning- the following pictures, to your- hopefully- entertainment. Enjoy.

I have no idea who that is surfing in the picture below, but seeing as it made its way onto this site, i would believe it to be Devon. And of course to the right of said picture there are some geese. Canadian geese. In a marsh. In the middle of some place along the ICW that i cant, for the life of me, remember the whereabouts of. 


Now down here we have a plane flying through the air, zooming along at a speed much faster than we are traveling the ICW, making the taking of the picture quite difficult. that is all i know about it, as i have never seen this plane or that specific bird in my life. Which brings me to the next picture, where we have what appears to be a relatively small eagle on a channel marker post.  Seeing as i was just told to 'caption' these pictures, i feel like to do a remarkably good job i need to state the obvious in a somewhat interesting fashion.


Anyway, moving on, we have some creature making a desperate attempt to break clear of the waters surface and fly, and needless to say it is failing miserably. Or it could possibly be a dolphin hunting fish, but that just seems like such an improbable possibility that ill have to dismiss it and move on to our next picture. Here we have a fine catfish specimen which has been brutally stabbed and dragged up from the bottom of this murky water, where we proceeded to take a picture to capture its fear in the essence. Don't those wide eyes look terrified?


My my, someone really upset Poseidon today. So much so that they had to carve it and place at the entrance of  a dolphin research center so we would all feel subdued and not try to do anything foolish in the eyes of god. After all, we were right by the sea and he could've done some pretty nasty things if he caught us misbehaving. And of course, who would want to cause trouble while watching dolphins exert themselves for the entertainment of humans? Seems unthinkable. And apparently, one dolphin is way more flexible than the other.  
(but really, if anyone knows how Poseidon manages to not trip in that toga, please inform me. I am most curious.)


Ahhh, and here we have the anomaly of a giant white pelican god among its subjects, who are most clearly begging for mercy for some reason or another. I really don't know the minds of the pelicans that well, however. You need to talk to mom for that; she seems inhumanly fascinated with them. Past life, perhaps?    And to finish off my dreadful commentary, we have the pleasant picture of us sailing- if you want to get technical, yes, we are actually motoring- into some really early, very unspectacular, sunset. Look at how clean the boat is... fascinating.


Cumberland Island round two

April 30, 2014
This is our second time here and it was a very peaceful anchorage, we even saw one of the boats that we saw last time. when we were at Cumberland island, we had to row against a very strong current, around at 2 knots. we first went around a long trail to see the horses and there was a lot of spanish moss.

When we got to the horses, there were only two so we thought that the horse people must have took the people somewhere else. as we moved on to the beach, we found out that it was low tide from the long distance it was from the walk to the water and i found out that the water was 74 degrees Fahrenheit. There was a cool sandbar half way along the beach and since it was shallow it had warmed up, so we called it the hot-tub.

 after a bit of playing in the water i got stung by a jelly fish, it was a cannonball and it hurt allot. 



Leaving in the morning, we saw a Submarine.  If we had been an hour later, we could have sailed next to another that was coming in the canal.

Second Boat Crash

April 30, 2014

I have come to inform you all about the second time we were hit by a motor boat. There does seem to be a trend here.

Anyway, we were anchored out in the middle of nowhere, in a very strong current, perhaps going 4 knots (because of the 10 foot was a New moon). We had out 125 feet of chain in 13 feet of water at low tide. The motor boat was anchored behind us....until about 11 pm when the current changed directions and were now in front of us. Everyone was in bed- again, the hit happened late at night. And then we felt the smash, as the stern of their boat hit our bow, and continued to bump its way back so it was hitting our side. They had drifted down the current to us.

So we got up- except for Devon, who even after hearing the bangs refused to get out of bed- and put out fenders, and helped them figure out what was going on. They were nice people, just a little freaked out with what was happening. Eventually they motored away and anchored far from us.  No damage was done to the boat- actually, we have yet to find a ding at all. All it did was remind us that boats can crash anywhere, even in a place in the middle of the ICW where there are only three boats anchored.  


St. Augustine

April 30, 2014
On our way back north we went through St. Augustine.  We did not stop this time.  As we were waiting for the bridge to open, we noticed two famous boats on either side of the river from each other. Old and the New. 

Kiwi Spirit


Kiwi spirit is a 63 foot sailboat piloted by Dr. Stanley Paris age 77. This guy tried to sailed around world all by himself on this boat. (Failed...because the boat broke) For more detail this boat had a 14 feet draft when his keel was down and when his keel was up the draft was 8 feet, which means that the keel was 6 feet deep! The width of the boat at the fattest section was 13 feet.
Website and blog

 El Galeon


El Galeón is a 170-foot, 495-ton, wooden replica of a galleon that was part of Spain’s West Indies fleet.  During the Viva Florida 500 Voyage, it will cover more than 3,500 nautical miles with 28 crew members aboard, maneuvering more than 9,600 square feet of sail area, as it was done in the 16th Century. The ship is owned by the Nao Victoria Foundation of Seville,Spain.


Melbourne to New Smyrna Beach

April 24, 2014
A long trip, but few opening bridges to deal with.  And with longer day light, we can go for 10-11 hours.

One of the days we were in Melbourne (oh my, doesn't this sound familiar.), we saw this amazing cake in the grocery store. It was all rainbow and colorful, and seeing as we felt like we didn't celebrate Easter in its fullness, we could bake this cake to compensate. 

And, as probably most of you will have guessed by reading the above statement, it did not resemble the box picture, whatsoever. It had nothing to do with the fact that it was i who was creating this. It was just yet another example of the expectation- reality difference.  The cake itself was just a vanilla cake with different food coloring that you could put in.
So as you can see in the pictures below, it resembled something like play dough when it was in its final baking stage. And, just to make it that much better, we had gotten green key lime icing at the store as well. 
Believe us or not, it was surprisingly good. Went great with the movie Star Trek. 

Anyway, cakes aside, we arrived in New Smyrna yesterday, after a very very long journey through the ICW. As we have also discovered, we are now back in dolphin country, and have seen dolphins at least once every day for the past week or so. And much to her delight, mom managed to get a picture with a pelican and a dolphin in the same frame, something she has wanted to do for the entire trip. 



Pompano to Melbourne Fl. Three days

April 21, 2014
Currently at Melbourne.  ICW mile marker 920

It feels good to be on the water again moving north.  Over the last three days we did not cover a lot of miles (125) compared to our normal travels due to Bridges!!!!  In the last 3 days we have had to time our trip to go through 23 bridges.

All while dealing with Holiday traffic, which wasn't that bad due to the cool weather.

15 bridges on Saturday, 7 on Sunday, and just 1 today.

Going north from Pompano the ICW doesn't have any natural shores.  The entire water front for miles and miles is completely built up with walls and rock.  The houses are huge and pretentious and we are sure that most are just winter homes that are not used often.  The requirements to have the "Cool" house on the block is as follows:

1.  Must have large Roman like pillars.  Round is cooler.
2.  A spiral staircase.  Stone is cooler.
3.  Statues.  Must have a few of those.  Naked women or dolphin seem the most popular.
4.  A pool of course.
5.  A gazebo. 
6.  And the really cool people always have the corner house so they have water on two sides and the house is angled.
7. Arches.

And then a few are different:

Two boats you would never want to own:
Waiting for a bridge to open, we missed the first opening, we stopped for fuel and a pump out.  The marina was a bit on the upscale, but the fuel price was good.  We didn't fit in very well to this marina.  Anything less than 4 million and you were second class here:

One of many opening bridges and a strange bird....or is it a duck?

 Mile marker 1,000 house on the ICW


Heading North Again

April 19, 2014
The repair work is finally done!!!!!  We had the work done by Yachting Bliss who are located next to the Sands Harbor Hotel and Marina.  They moved around some other jobs to get ours done as soon as they could.  It took us a week to get quotes and then the O.K. to get the work started.  Then a week to get the work done.  We start Heading north tomorrow at 7:00 am.  Will go through 14 bridges in only 30 miles!!!  that along with Holiday traffic and crazy boaters.  It will be interesting.

After that we may jump out into the ocean and get further north faster.

Here are some pictures:
The entire railing got twisted, so the port side was pulled back and the starboard side was pushed forward.  Many of the joints had split welds for all the torque involved.  The other boat got caught in a strong current and slowly pushed into the dingy that has hanging on the davits.  That then pushed on the railing.  The Solar panel got twisted as well.


It took us a few hours to take everything off the railing.

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