Normans Cay Jan 25 and 26
Day 1

We anchored off the west coast of the southern tip of Normans cay with a few other Canadian boats.  Amazing the percentage of Canadian boats we see.At LEAST 25% of all the boats we see are Canadian.  They understand getting away from winter!

Although hard to see in the pictures, all the islands are different.Not huge differences, but each unique.  This place had a rocky (old coral) like beach.  The rocks for fun to climb around.  NOT slippery at all.  There is no algae or slime growing on the rocks like in the good old Chesapeake bay.
Captain Dad

Sahara found a huge conch shell and Devon found a long sponge with a hole in it, just right for his finger.  Both smelled like low tide in the morning.

Day 2
We moved our anchor to the middle of the island in the Cut.  Cuts are places that go between the ocean(east side) and the banks (West side).  With a 3 foot tide, they can get some fast currents.  Although after the ICW and Georgia, not that strong.
We went on a dingy trip out across the middle of the island.  Look on google earth and you can see the big flat area in the southern end and a deep "pond" area to the north.  We were going to try and make it to the pond but got side tracked.  We left at low tide and had to pull the boat for part of the trip....we meaning forced labor children.

We did find a King Helmet Conch.  Very pretty shell.

Hard to explain how beautiful this area was.  All the water is different shades of bright blue depending on depth and if there is any sea grass under it or coral rocks.  But all is crystal clear.  The beaches are all bright white fine coral sand beaches.  Extremely soft.
To give an idea, the picture of Sahara jumping is a small area.  In the background you can see where we came through with the dingy.  Where she jumped from is only a few inches of water.  Where she lands was over her head and her feet never hit the bottom!!!  You have to get used to which color of blue is which depth.  Then adjust for the sun...shadow form clouds or not....grass bottom or not....and then you can judge how deep the water is.   Strong currents flow through here with the tides and dig out canals and holes and scour around the rocks.  A great place to explore, kayak, and swim.  Oh, and not another person to be scene!!!
Neat trees and vegetation.  It is hard to walk around in the trees.  The coral rocks are very sharp on top and with out shoes is impossible.  So we stayed in the sandy areas.  A flying monkey and a cool gnarled old tree.


The expression "A hard nut to crack" is not good enough.  A better expression would be "A hard Conch to extract" is way better.  And even harder when your children say "Dad, save the shell".  A lot of work, a big mess.

Sunset at Normans Cay