October 31st.
Norfolk is an old town that has been so built up in the last 100 years, it is hard to find the "old town".  There are huge shipping lanes going right in behind the city (away from the ocean side).  Giant tankers, military ships, aircraft carriers, battle ships, etc... are all traveling in the little river way.  Along with a 1-2 knot current and not much room.  Then the constant calls by the Navy to boat that are too close to the Navy ships.  Quite a busy place there.

Here are some of the ships we passed on the way in:
There are 2 aircraft carriers in dry dock, there is another just to the right of this one.
Lots of helicopters and fighter jets over head.

old WW2 Wisconson Battle ship.  Now a museum we are visiting tomorrow.

We ook this picture, not really knowing what it was.  But when we zoomed in, we realized it it is 2 modern boats that have smashed into one another.  It is in an unusual place, not much water there, only a few feet.