Nov 1st

We spent the day seeing some of the attractions in Norfolk.  We went to the USS Wisconsin, and Iowa Class battle ship that was retired not too long ago.  It last served in the Iraq war.  Some cool facts, the 16 inch guns could shoot a 2,000 lb bomb over 20 miles, and in later years had Tomahawk missile that could shoot 1,200 miles.  To put that in perspective, from Norfolk VA where it is now, it could hit Toronto.
Big guns and missile launchers

Around town there are a bunch of mermaid statues.  They are all the same shape, but each is painted and decorated differently.

We also did a little Orthodontist work.  Sahara's retainer, was causing a lot of pain as a wisdom tooth is coming in.  So a call to the orthodontist, a pair of wire snips and a metal file and it is now fitting again!  
 Science teachers can do anything.

An old Aircraft carrier anchor.