We had our first anchor drag.  It wasn't really that bad.  As we were trying to set the anchor, it did not seem to want to catch.  Unusual, the anchor has been perfect so far.  So as we dragged far enough that we realized something was wrong, we pulled the anchor up to try and reset it.  Up came a mushed crab put.  We had dropped it right on an old crab pot and caught it.  So the anchor is still perfect.

We traveled up some rivers, far enough to get to fresh enough water that we saw a few small crocodiles in the water.  One we thought was a log in the way and started to go around it, only to have it swim away as we got close.
For mothers day, the kids made some great food and we watched a movie.  In the morning, we had some very still air, a little fog and super calm water that made for fun pictures.

Some people have very different taste.  The purple house and the large floating (held up by the pole) mermaid.

Hey Tara.....Where are you driving???   Oh, you found a short cut.  Cool. (GPS are Great.....most of the time)
From Bryan

Food we had on the boat
By Devon
Another pointless blog entry which dad wants me to write about is about food, I’m pretty sure he wanted me to write this is because we had some interesting food including calzones, a triple layer pie, and some steak.

CALZONE It was my idea to make the calzones, once I said ill make my own calzone, everyone else wanted one too. They took a bit longer to cook because a calzone is pretty much a pizza folded in half. when they were finally out of the oven we had to let them cool and then we could eat them, they were very good calzone but very different from the restaurant version. They have more cheese in them and much crispier crusts than ours…. But ours were better!!

PIE The pie that I made was probably the fanciest pie I ever made in my life. It was called the Caramel Chocolate Pie Supreme. The three layers that were in it were homemade caramel, cream cheese, and a meringue folded into some melted chocolate. The pie was very good and we still have half of it left, anyway, I made almost all of it left, dad helped me with doing the caramel stuff, but I did all the rest.

STEAK the steak was very good and I don’t know much details because Sahara cooked it and marinated it, but I still know that it was good, and I know that we ate all of it in one night.