Sat. November 9,

Today we went to wrightsville beach. When we were going, we brought our wet suits just in 

case The water was cold.well it was so we put them on and went into the water, but at this 

place,the waves were huge so it took a while to get out there. When we got out, I already got 

pulled under by a wave,which is really fun, until you are drowning. But after that is fun, like I 

body-surfed a couple waves and we jumped the others. What's really fun is that when a big 

wave is coming, the water pulls on us. Soon after, some smaller kids like around 8 or 9 came 

surfing and they seemed like they practiced a lot because the were really good. After that we 

came back and went to go wash off. And..... Ya. It was a really fun day.