Miami Dec. 11-13

By Sahara

 Three days ago (Wednesday) we pulled into the wonderful city of Miami, after battling 3-5 foot waves, strange currents, and manatees. Okay, maybe not the manatees... However we did see a manatee at the dock, and it was really fat.




Anyway, we didn’t do much the first day; Gerry came for a short visit (he’s the guy who will be helping us cross over to the Bahamas)(Is another crazy whitby 42 owner.  He is also rebuilding his boat.  Check out his GREAT blog on the link to the side, "The Incredible Hull", and told us some really cool places to go, as well as good advice. He even offered to drive us places, as public transport in Miami can get hectic. And he got us a new anchor chain, which dad was very happy about. After that we went and explored this place called Coconut Grove, which wasn’t a grove and didn’t have coconuts. We went to this restaurant that served good burgers... And had a gazillion TV’s.

We then went and checked out the movie theater, just to see where it is and what they were showing. We had wanted to see the Hobbit 2, which came out on Friday. They had this really awesome theater that you could pay extra to go too; it had leather reclining seats and would serve food. This is what we ended up going to, after two days of doing boat jobs.

Thursday was the grocery shopping and sowing day, where Dad and Devon sowed covers for the solar oven and for the mast. Mom and I went to this crazy food store where the isles were 1 meter across and there were a thousand people in the store.

On Friday, we walked practically everywhere, from West Marine- I had thought we had seen the last of that store; I thought wrong- , to an automobile shop, to Wendy’s. Then at around 4:00 we got back to the boat, took showers that were completely unnecessary, and walked to the movie theater. The Hobbit is a great movie if you haven’t read the books, but if you have read the book you can’t help noticing all the things they changed. And they changed a lot. They are trying to make it more of a prequel to Lord of the Rings. However, they had awesome elves and an amazing dragon, so I guess the movie was pretty good. Lots of action. Lots of noise. I lost 30% of my hearing due to the surround sound.

We lucked out, there was some promotional event and we got free all you could eat popcorn, soda, and a free box of candy!