A long trip, but few opening bridges to deal with.  And with longer day light, we can go for 10-11 hours.

One of the days we were in Melbourne (oh my, doesn't this sound familiar.), we saw this amazing cake in the grocery store. It was all rainbow and colorful, and seeing as we felt like we didn't celebrate Easter in its fullness, we could bake this cake to compensate. 

And, as probably most of you will have guessed by reading the above statement, it did not resemble the box picture, whatsoever. It had nothing to do with the fact that it was i who was creating this. It was just yet another example of the expectation- reality difference.  The cake itself was just a vanilla cake with different food coloring that you could put in.
So as you can see in the pictures below, it resembled something like play dough when it was in its final baking stage. And, just to make it that much better, we had gotten green key lime icing at the store as well. 
Believe us or not, it was surprisingly good. Went great with the movie Star Trek. 

Anyway, cakes aside, we arrived in New Smyrna yesterday, after a very very long journey through the ICW. As we have also discovered, we are now back in dolphin country, and have seen dolphins at least once every day for the past week or so. And much to her delight, mom managed to get a picture with a pelican and a dolphin in the same frame, something she has wanted to do for the entire trip.