December 5th and 6th

Yesterday we got up, got some breakfast which I do not remember(bacon and egg sandwiches), did some stuff that I also cannot remember, and got packed up to go to the beach. It was very calm, not a breath of wind, and sunny. And I will also mention hot; very very hot. Then again its Florida, home of oranges and surfers and lizards, so it’s to be expected.  Dad rowed us in- yah for dad!!- and we walked the 7 minute walk straight across the island, past the skeleton driver


 and creepy Miss. Clause outside a designer store, to the beach. Like I said, it was a very calm day for the ocean, no wind or current, yet appearances can be deceiving. Like the waves that looked 2 feet tall were actually 5 feet, and the beach did a sudden drop off right off the waterline. And in the water, the sand was a map of mountains and valleys, meaning that you could be waist deep and take one step backwards and suddenly it’s much deeper. I can’t really think of many ways to describe this next part, so I will let you look at some amazing pictures instead.
(Used the water proof camera!!  Fun)




After this, we headed to get some lunch at the Mexican pizza restaurant where you could order a 5lb burrito, and if you managed to eat it all you got your picture on the wall and a new shirt, because the old one will not fit after eating a 5lb burrito. Then we headed back to the beach to frolic around in the water that was actually much warmer than any water we have been in so far since leaving the Chesapeake.

Finally we started heading back around 5 o’clock, after a stop for ice-cream and groceries-just the necessaries, such as wine and apples and I just squished a bug on the keyboard. Whoops..

And I can’t remember anything else from this day so I will just say that we went to bed.