We have spent 2 lazy days in Marsh Harbour at a marina.  We have been getting caught up on preventative maitenance, something that never ends on a boat.  Better to fix something before there is a problem.  The trip across scared us a little and we don't want to have that happen again.  So we cleaned all filters, cleaned the bilges, tightened things, filled tanks, etc... 

now, for something more exciting from Devon:

  National Pi day


Yesterday was national pi day, pi is an endless decimal starting with 3.14. pi is used for calculating the circumference and area of a circle, it is special because the circumference divided by the diameter = pi in every circle. To pi day, we had two pies, one was a chicken pot pie for dinner, and I made a key lime pie for dessert, we also watched a movie ( sadly it was not the “life of pi”). The crust of my pie was very special, because we got two things of ginger-nut cookies from our cookie-stash and crumbled them up in a bowl.

We then melted butter and poured it into the crumbs and mixed them together, we then put it into a pie pan and pushed in down with a small 1 cup measuring cup. We poured in the key lime filling and cooked it. When it was time to eat it, we spread on some whipped cream that I made and ate it, it was really good.

From Dad:  This was easily the BEST Key lime pie we have ever had.