Welcome, to this blog post, which we are posting in the hopes of appeasing our family who believe us to have either given up on this whole trip or died. Perhaps even both. Anyway, i will be commentating- or simply captioning- the following pictures, to your- hopefully- entertainment. Enjoy.

I have no idea who that is surfing in the picture below, but seeing as it made its way onto this site, i would believe it to be Devon. And of course to the right of said picture there are some geese. Canadian geese. In a marsh. In the middle of some place along the ICW that i cant, for the life of me, remember the whereabouts of. 


Now down here we have a plane flying through the air, zooming along at a speed much faster than we are traveling the ICW, making the taking of the picture quite difficult. that is all i know about it, as i have never seen this plane or that specific bird in my life. Which brings me to the next picture, where we have what appears to be a relatively small eagle on a channel marker post.  Seeing as i was just told to 'caption' these pictures, i feel like to do a remarkably good job i need to state the obvious in a somewhat interesting fashion.


Anyway, moving on, we have some creature making a desperate attempt to break clear of the waters surface and fly, and needless to say it is failing miserably. Or it could possibly be a dolphin hunting fish, but that just seems like such an improbable possibility that ill have to dismiss it and move on to our next picture. Here we have a fine catfish specimen which has been brutally stabbed and dragged up from the bottom of this murky water, where we proceeded to take a picture to capture its fear in the essence. Don't those wide eyes look terrified?


My my, someone really upset Poseidon today. So much so that they had to carve it and place at the entrance of  a dolphin research center so we would all feel subdued and not try to do anything foolish in the eyes of god. After all, we were right by the sea and he could've done some pretty nasty things if he caught us misbehaving. And of course, who would want to cause trouble while watching dolphins exert themselves for the entertainment of humans? Seems unthinkable. And apparently, one dolphin is way more flexible than the other.  
(but really, if anyone knows how Poseidon manages to not trip in that toga, please inform me. I am most curious.)


Ahhh, and here we have the anomaly of a giant white pelican god among its subjects, who are most clearly begging for mercy for some reason or another. I really don't know the minds of the pelicans that well, however. You need to talk to mom for that; she seems inhumanly fascinated with them. Past life, perhaps?    And to finish off my dreadful commentary, we have the pleasant picture of us sailing- if you want to get technical, yes, we are actually motoring- into some really early, very unspectacular, sunset. Look at how clean the boat is... fascinating.