We left Nassau this morning bright and early to head up to Spanish Wells.  A neat place, but we are only planning on a one night anchor and leaving again early the next day.  We are taking advantage of some good weather to get to the Abacoes early for the arrival of Haas clan next week.

We had a very pleasent day sailing in the ocean.  7-12 knot winds...sometimes at least.  Sometimes only 4 or 5.  We stayed along the drop off.  Where the water depth goes from 125 feet to 1,250 feet very fast hoping to catch some Mahi-Mahi (aka Dolphin fish).  We struck out on the Mahi but did catch a Baracuda.  Not a big one, but with scary teeth none the less.

We anchored near some coral, not expecting much.  Devon, Tara, and I went for a swim to see what we could find.  Devon found a few Lion fish  (funny coincidence:  Devon was reading Harry Potter, book 1, and it talks about Powdered lion fish for a potion), we speared one, and we happened upon the Lobster Hotel. The water was just a bit to deep for Devon, so I took the shots.  4 lobsters later, I could still see at least 2 more lobsters in the hole that I was shooting.  Then the odd shot.  I was happy with 4 lobsters, none on the big side, just average to small, so perfect for the 4 of us.  
But there was a big Lion fish hanging out, so I though I would take a shot.  I grazed it, but the spear started dancing around...as the fish swam away.  Hummmm.......  pulled the spear out of the rocks to find a very strange creature on the end of the spear.  A Spanish lobster.  Looks like something out of a bad sci-fi movie with alien creatures.  They blend in so well I did not even see it.  
 We had cooked a great meal of ribs in the solar oven as well that had been taunting us all day with great smells.  We finished the day with a great dinner.  Lobster and ribs.  yum.