February 20th 

The other day when I went swimming with the spear gun, and I saw some lionfish. I knew that lion fish were bad to the reef and you are supposed to kill any lionfish you see. So I had started shooting it, this had been the first time I used it so I wasn’t too good at it. After a while I had this score- [hits- 5] [misses- a very large number]. I hit it twice in the body, twice in the head, and once on the fin, and it was still swimming! The first time I hit it I held it out of the water and it stayed at the top of the pole for a bit, but then it wriggled and it fell down the pole and landed and my hand. I freaked out so much (because they have venomous spines, but none got me)that I screamed and dropped the pole, and everyone started laughing. I got extremely annoyed by the stupid fish because it was not moving and when I shot at the lionfish it darted to one side really fast and I missed. Eventually I gave up because it swam into a hole in some coral with some other fish. After that I decided out that my new arch-enemy is the lion fish, I will hunt them forever.

As I reported in my other blog, Lionfish are an invasive species, and the Bahamas Park and Rec management actually ask people to kill every lionfish they see.  The lionfish destroy the reef.


Some other things we saw that day