Oct 28th
We are finally saying good by to Reedville.  Just before we left, we invested in a new camera with some zoom capability.  Our other cameras are not so good at getting pictures of far away things.  This has a 40x optical zoom.  Our first set of pictures was of the monster that lives out in front of the Haas house on Owens pond. (no longer a pond, just another inlet on the Chesapeake).  Can you tell what it is?
A sea otter.  

Here are some pictures from the dock at the perfect house.  My parents were great having us hang out at their house.  They made us feel at home and let us use their place when we needed it.  They were great!  Thanks Mom and Dad.

As we left Reedville, we took a few pictures.  Found a flock of Canadian Geese on some Americans yard.  This is as close a Canadian bombing run on US soil as their may ever be.

Reedville was built around the fishing industry.  The long harbor is filled with ruins of old Fish factoryies from long ago.  Mostly the Menhaden Fisheries.  Here is a current boat.  The two boats on the back are launched and pull the nets around in a big loop, which is then pulled up by the mother boat.
Here are some pictures from the anchor we stayed at for 2 weeks.

This is a historic tower now, from an old fish factory.  It marks the big bend in the channel coming into Reedville and is an official navigation aid.

Here is an amazing sunset photo that Sahara took.  The reflection on the water is spectacular.

The dock we would row to every day.