December 20th

 Three days ago we arrived at port largos at around 6:00 and didn’t really do anything, which was because we were tired. Though the next day we rented a car and went to Key West(locals call it Key Weird) which was made for salvaging shipwrecks and treasures and is the most west Key. It was a pretty fun place because we visited a 2 treasure museums and found out that they had a lot of cool stuff, for example we were allowed to pick up a big silver bar at a museum and it was super heavy, also they had really old silver coins which were called “pieces of eight”, a piece of eight are silver coins that is a Spanish silver coin (and also means eight reales which is a measurement in older times) that were transported to the U.S.A as money.  We also visited a key lime pie place and got a whole pie, but we didn’t know how to carry it back to the car so we just ate it all (it was a good pie)

. Another thing that was really funny was that the entire key was infested with roosters and chickens, I thought that someone was about to run one over because there was so many. That was mostly all we did at Key West and we headed back to the boat to sleep.

Picture from one of the Look out towers on Key west.  Used to spot "ships A Shore".  Ships that had run aground on the reef.  The entire economy was built around the salvage of such ships in the mid 1800's.


Monster made out of sponges.  Wild chickens all over Key West.